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Technology Enablers For Digital Transformation

Agile and DevOps

As established revenue streams are disrupted and consumer demands for digital services accelerate, it is essential to become more agile to stay competitive and secure emerging opportunities. IT2DAY Consulting specialises in Agile consulting and coaching to assist organisations with their Agile transformation journey. We understand that companies across all industries are facing enormous pressure to realize competitive advantages quickly through digital transformation. However, embarking on new IT projects is not just a matter of buying new technologies. As digital transformation requires new ways of working to create busisness value, adopting the Agile methodology or the DevOps culture accelerates digital initiatives by increasing collaboration and transparency. A quick delivery of incremental releases of working features is needed to increasing the customer satisfaction from the early stage of the software development.

Internet of Things

By setting up a network of connected devices using technology, businesses can improve collaboration, agility, and efficiency while collecting data that is vital to boosting business performance and enhancing customer service.

Data & Analytics

By utilising cloud BI platforms, such as Microsoft Power BI, we provide business intelligence and data analytics services that Will help your organisation in reporting for better decision making.

Intelligent Automation

Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, Cognitive Services, Interactive/chat Bots are terms we come across in literature and conversations on a daily basis. The implication of theses technologies seems to be a big concern related to what will be the role of the human employee in this new digitally transformed world that we are rapidly moving in. Yes, more and more organisations worldwide have already adopted or are planning to adopt Artificial Intelligence. Many of there have seen returns that meet or exceed expectations, leading to increase spending on this technology year after year. As this trend is not going to change shortly, every company should embark on creating intelligent agents, modernize their current applications and transform current business processes to increase efficiencies and clients' satisfaction.

Cloud Computing

It is well known that choosing between a private, public or hybrid cloud solution can be a very complex decision. However, moving to the cloud has become the standard for businesses who want to compete in our increasingly digital world. A cloud-based business model provides the ability to create a true digital workplace and streamline business and IT processes across all business lines offering more agility, security, and flexibility to adapt to new market trends and the changing business world. We will help you by comparing the features and benefits of the various Cloud platforms and Cloud providers so that you can choose the appropriate Cloud strategy, Architecture and Platform that is most suited to your business needs

Automated Testing

Automated functional UI testing:
Meet the challenge of a continuously evolving UI head-on, with a solution that makes it easy for QA teams and business analysts to collaborate, build, and maintain functional UI test automation.
Regression Testing: Build and execute automated regression tests quickly, so you can keep pace with agile sprint cycles and accelerate delivery Reduce human error, minimize the risk of bugs entering production, and have full confidence in application and process quality.

Automate repetitive, time-consuming regression tests so your QA team can focus on UAT, exploratory testing and more Remove the regression burden and scale automation quickly, so your entire delivery pipeline can become more agile